Converting Sunlight to Power

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This is a 20 panel system we put up at Don’s H’s house before Christmas.  Our two man crew works better than most three man crews and we trust them not to screw up the deal.   If we do, we fix it, we’re looking for long term trust in us and our choice of systems.

Speaking of systems, there are a few on the market right now but we are sticking with Emphases’  Micro-inverters.  They’ve been around a long time and they do something the rest don’t do; they allow flexible systems.  For instance, if a metier fly’s through one of your panels late at night, the rest will still be reporting in the morning and producing like they always have.  Even a little shade on one won’t bring the rest down with it.

Another thing about Micro-inverters… you can add to your system in case the wife comes back home … and brings her mom.   I don’t know of any other systems that can do that without replacing an expensive central inverter.

Yet another thing about Enphase Micro-inverters, when the wolf is at your door and taking more from you than is fair, our system plugs right into Enphase’s new AC battery…  pull the plug from power companies and Stand Alone.

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