Solar Hot Water

It has to be HOT when it’s COLD!!

IMG-20150110-WA0014 - Copy (Small)

This is our new 200 liter, thermosiphoning Solar Hot Water System from ezinc, manufactured for the European market and ultra cold climates.  The above picture is not photo shopped, it was windy, look at the trees, and cold with fog so thick it felt like rain.  Our customer was skeptical; frankly so was I, this was our first installation and we were up there with the towers!  

The next day, Joe, our customer called and said he was actually getting hot water out of the system.  A few weeks later Joe called again to say his electric bill was cut in HALF!  A month later he sent us a glowing review.  We’re stoked, you will be too,  this system works!  

PS,    A side benefit with a good solar hot water heater is that you don’t have to second guess the electric companies or wait two months for them to install a meter.  You’ll start saving the moment your system is installed… takes a half a day, why wait?   

* A further advantage is when you go to install your Solar Electric System, you’ll SAVE MONEY with fewer panels.  Energy efficient in two ways!