A Time for Clowns…

Some dressed up...
Some dressed up…

So we packed up and went to the  Expoeficiencia Energetica.  There would be answers and we’d show the public what we had on the 4th and 5th of March,

Big and Tall
Big and Tall

yes, we’d hear at last what was going on with our own ACESOLAR  and about ARESEP, ICE and Minae, (now dressed in a white hat) and the various interested parties.

We made sure our people were listening to the speakers as the rest of us manned our table.  We met with other Solar Providers and gossiped amongst ourselves to guess what the new regulations would be.  Some were optimistic and others weren’t, I still didn’t know what to think… except SOLAR HOT WATERS are a great idea!  Please click on the tank above and have a look!

...and some not at all...
…and some not at all…

Well, SOMETHING will come out of it, just has to.  The new date for transparency was to fall on the 15th of April we were told.  Speeches abounded there at the fair, all the boss’es were there – showing us smiley teeth and saying things like “zero carbon by 2030,” a safe bet since those of us who read will be approaching our nineties and they’ll be drawing deeply from their pensions.

This just in: the organization we belong to, ARESEP, has just told MINAE that they (we) will not accept the permit that’s been proposed; that they must make concessions.   So we can forget April 15 and any transparency forthcoming.  There’s a saying for people who block the view, “La Carne de Burro no es Transparente.” (Buro Meat is not Transparent)…pass it on…

Andre: the star of the family
Andre: the star of the family

So please think about Solar Hot Water systems; especially good ones like ours that will work without direct sunlight and lower your electric bill enough that when the time comes… TA DA!!!!  You’ll need fewer Solar Panels whenever you can buy with confidence.

“Paul, Just a quick note to say thanks for a great job. Your technicians are top drawer and your expertise was indispensable. My electricity has dropped from over 100,000 colones to 27,000 colones a month. The quality of manufacturing of the equipment was state of the art.  We’ve had some pretty dreary weather over the last few weeks with fog, clouds and rain and I’m glad to say we have not gone without hot water. Thanks again for your help. Joe,”  Sent from my iPad

2015-03-04 11.57.14
Tio Ricardo hanging with the faries

Meanwhile our Mom & Pop crew had fun and found the best salesmen we’ve ever had in Tio Ricardo, one of our installers and part of the family.

We had fun!  Daughter Andre  was on at least two TV stations and Mamita is proud…

Andre tellin' it like it is
Andre tellin’ it like it is

Just remember, Solar Works.  Our industry will be here for our great great grandchildren…. who will grow up thinking that oil  is just a handy and inexpensive lubricant.  …and the idea of having wars over oil will seem absurd to them.

More news as it transpires….



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