New Deal: this is what the various companies say they will charge per kilowatt hour.  We, through our organazation, ACESOLAR, are still pushing for some kind of uniform spread that works for everyone.   Right now it’s just talk.

Below you’ll see only one company (CNFL) is accepting applications, and as of today, they don’t have any two-way meters in stock.  No way to know when this will change.

Electric Companies Cost per kWh  ₡ (of Solar Production)
ICE ₡27.55
CNFL, S.A ₡17.44   * only one accepting applications!
JASEC ₡14.37
ESPH S.A ₡8.34


Meter Meter Cost in Colones
Single Phase 240 Volt ₡ 126 301,89

How it works:  ARESEP (them) uses AUDIENCIA PUBLICA to make announcements of price changes for gas, water, electric, etc.  The above prices are what they plan to announce on April 30th.  That’s just a date…..some of us are positive of the outcome and some aren’t, time will tell.

What to do?

FIRST attack your electric bill with a solar hot water heater.

"Old Style" tube system makes LOTS of HOT WATER.  The sun is older and don't care about style.
“Old Style” tube system makes LOTS of HOT WATER. The sun is older and don’t care about style.


Rent your house?  Landlord uncooperative?  Try something like this...
Rent your house? Landlord uncooperative? Try something like this…

We no longer sell these tanks but if you have one, I’m sure you’re happy with it.

IMG-20150110-WA0014 - Copy (Small)

Above: this tank will deliver scalding hot water without sun for a week!  Just needs light, so if you’re where the sun don’t shine, give us a call….

150 liter system: $1,795  installed.

200 liter system: $1,895 installed.

If you install your Solar Hot Water System Now, in two months you’ll know for sure what your new electric bill will be, an average of  40% lower; read 40% fewer panels to install later when you go to really Kill the Bill.  Something to think about.

THEN we’ll do a new estimate on how many panels you’ll really need.


During the two months it took to get a clean bill that reflects your new hot water system, lots of things will have happened.   Maybe it’s so Good you’ll want us to get you hooked up to the grid and be a happy contributor to the environment.

In any case we’ll surely have a better idea what power companies will charge us after the dust settles.  And; they’ll be more likely to have the forms people will need to fill out for two way meters, and of course…they’ll have the meters.


If it’s Not So Good, and nothing is being done and you’ve already saved money with  your Solar Hot Water System, then consider our   GRID CONNECTED BATTERY SYSTEMS and PORTABLE STAND-ALONE EMERGENCY SYSTEMS that will open gates, garage doors, back up your house or just something you can take to your cabin in the hills to write that book you’ve been talking about.

No buying a new meter.  Save $250

All the electric you make is yours at no further cost.  No raising rates.

No black outs.

No surges or brownouts.

By the time your batteries are gone, 8 to 10 years with the grid to keep them charged above 50%, the new Lithium batteries will be cheap and available everywhere by that time.


More products, battery systems and prices tomorrow if time and availability allows.   Thanks for being tuned in, Paul




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