Our pool heating system and a Happy Customer

This is our new pool heating system and the testimony of a happy customer.

We installed 7 pool collectors in Estanquillos of Atenas, And this is what our satisfied customer says:

“Hi Paul,

I wanted to thank you for such great service installing the solar panels for our swimming pool.  The workers were courteous and very thoughtful about where they were placing the equipment to be installed and cleaning up everything before they left.
The solar panels work perfectly and we met with our pool man to make sure he understood how everything operated.  The pool heats up instantly when the sun hits the water in the morning, and it is an addeded pleasure to have it with our home.
We sat for a year not using our pool as we live up in the mountains and the weather is so cool at night that the water does not have enough time during the day to heat up and retain the heat.
The solar panels were an excellent idea!  Thank you for meeting with us and explaining the benefits of having solar panels for our pool.  It is exactly as you said it would be.  My husband is especially excited as he has been in the pool everyday!  Again,  thank you for such great service and making our pool now a real enjoyment to have!
Thomas and Patrice Jones
Estanquillos, CR”








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