New Deal With CR-Solar.Net

These are available for a limited time in 150 Liters and 300 Liters.


We’ve sold many types of Solar HOT WATER’s over the years, and they’ve been great. But after living with this tank on our house, we will sell no other. 




“Old Style” tube system makes LOTS of HOT WATER. The sun is old… don’t care about style.This last week, with the rains and all, 3000 feet up on a ridge, Gaby and I took hot showers without ever using the electric back up. I never bothered to hook it up.

You can look up hot water tanks that look exactly like these but NONE of them work like ours.

Lucky 200 Liter tank installed (in most cases) for  $1,795

Rent your house? Landlord uncooperative? Try something like this…

Yup, this is our solar tank leaning against our house.  If we ever move, I’m taking it with me.


NEW structure with allows us to cover most of Costa Rica. New low prices, same high quality products.

Canadian Solar 320 Watts each, tied to Enphase M250 microinverters, which will dovetail with the new Enphase AC Batteries when they become available in Costa Rica in quantity and at competitive pricing. It’s a deal… we have you covered.

This is Paul Furlong and I’ve got the helm. 8898-9398


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