What does a WATT cost?

Solar Tech is growing fast.

For this reason we no longer list wattage or improvements ― just how much you pay for a Watt installed and making electricity on your roof.

((Permits, blessings, stamps and some extra equipment are not part of the $2.50. It’s included in a one-time fee of $1,500 to  satisfy the power companies. ))

Today that Watt costs you $2.50. Not the cheapest or the most expensive, but all the high rolling times are already squeezed out of it… to sell quality installed, at this price is hard to do… we’re doing it.  

YES, We’ve gone full circle and ended up back where we started: how much does a single Watt cost by the time it’s installed and working on your roof? The number today is two dollars and fifty cents, that’s right $2.50  per Watt…

CR-Solar (.com) Follows the Quality. We use commercial grade A panels from Canadian Solar,™ and Enphase Microinverters (battery ready for when they get real). Fully guaranteed.

Dr. Fudd says, “add up the money you spent on electric over 5 years. It nearly pays off the cost of your system. Everything after that is free… stop the bleeding, call CR-Solar (.com) today.”

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