New Deal: this is what the various companies say they will charge per kilowatt hour.  We, through our organazation, ACESOLAR, are still pushing for some kind of uniform spread that works for everyone.   Right now it’s just talk.

Below you’ll see only one company (CNFL) is accepting applications, and as of today, they don’t have any two-way meters in stock.  No way to know when this will change.

Electric Companies Cost per kWh  ₡ (of Solar Production)
ICE ₡27.55
CNFL, S.A ₡17.44   * only one accepting applications!
JASEC ₡14.37
ESPH S.A ₡8.34


Meter Meter Cost in Colones
Single Phase 240 Volt ₡ 126 301,89

How it works:  ARESEP (them) uses AUDIENCIA PUBLICA to make announcements of price changes for gas, water, electric, etc.  The above prices are what they plan to announce on April 30th.  That’s just a date…..some of us are positive of the outcome and some aren’t, time will tell.

What to do?

FIRST attack your electric bill with a solar hot water heater.

"Old Style" tube system makes LOTS of HOT WATER.  The sun is older and don't care about style.
“Old Style” tube system makes LOTS of HOT WATER. The sun is older and don’t care about style.


Rent your house?  Landlord uncooperative?  Try something like this...
Rent your house? Landlord uncooperative? Try something like this…

We no longer sell these tanks but if you have one, I’m sure you’re happy with it.

IMG-20150110-WA0014 - Copy (Small)

Above: this tank will deliver scalding hot water without sun for a week!  Just needs light, so if you’re where the sun don’t shine, give us a call….

150 liter system: $1,795  installed.

200 liter system: $1,895 installed.

If you install your Solar Hot Water System Now, in two months you’ll know for sure what your new electric bill will be, an average of  40% lower; read 40% fewer panels to install later when you go to really Kill the Bill.  Something to think about.

THEN we’ll do a new estimate on how many panels you’ll really need.


During the two months it took to get a clean bill that reflects your new hot water system, lots of things will have happened.   Maybe it’s so Good you’ll want us to get you hooked up to the grid and be a happy contributor to the environment.

In any case we’ll surely have a better idea what power companies will charge us after the dust settles.  And; they’ll be more likely to have the forms people will need to fill out for two way meters, and of course…they’ll have the meters.


If it’s Not So Good, and nothing is being done and you’ve already saved money with  your Solar Hot Water System, then consider our   GRID CONNECTED BATTERY SYSTEMS and PORTABLE STAND-ALONE EMERGENCY SYSTEMS that will open gates, garage doors, back up your house or just something you can take to your cabin in the hills to write that book you’ve been talking about.

No buying a new meter.  Save $250

All the electric you make is yours at no further cost.  No raising rates.

No black outs.

No surges or brownouts.

By the time your batteries are gone, 8 to 10 years with the grid to keep them charged above 50%, the new Lithium batteries will be cheap and available everywhere by that time.


More products, battery systems and prices tomorrow if time and availability allows.   Thanks for being tuned in, Paul




Rent your house?  Landlord uncooperative?  Try something like this...
Rent your house? Landlord uncooperative? Try something like this…

We buy and sell quality products, once and a while we have one left-over from a previous model – doesn’t mean they don’t work.  In fact this system works REALLY WELL.  I enjoyed a free hot water shower this morning for the first time.

What’s different about our systems?   Our installers are smart and experienced.  We use PE-AL-PEX plastic/aluminum Cross-linked polyethylene  tubing with compression fittings on each end.  This means it won’t leak and because there are no elbows in the line, no flow problems.

My customers tell me they save between 25 and 60% on their electricity bill.  Me next!

Brilliant in cold overcast areas like Arinal.
Brilliant in cold overcast areas like Arinal.

My 10 panel system with ICE brought my bill from 85,000 Colones to a low of 24,000 Colones.  I want to KILL ice BILL with my new Solar Hot Water System.   Can’t wait to get the next BILL!

We have 10 of the new style thermosiphoning Solar Hot Waters coming on the 27th this month.  Some are already sold, be sure to call for your’s right quick.  Paul Furlong 8898-9398

THREE WEEKS LATER….  about our “old style water heater…”  Gaby and Andre had to go to San Jose on Friday.  They had to shower and be out of the house at 4:30 a.m.  They couldn’t wait to tell me how HOT the water was at that time of the morning!  Remember, I have no electric (though I could) hooked up to this tank.  We’re almost 3000 feet above seal level here, it gets chilly at night… Pura Vida!  

A Time for Clowns…

Some dressed up...
Some dressed up…

So we packed up and went to the  Expoeficiencia Energetica.  There would be answers and we’d show the public what we had on the 4th and 5th of March,

Big and Tall
Big and Tall

yes, we’d hear at last what was going on with our own ACESOLAR  and about ARESEP, ICE and Minae, (now dressed in a white hat) and the various interested parties.

We made sure our people were listening to the speakers as the rest of us manned our table.  We met with other Solar Providers and gossiped amongst ourselves to guess what the new regulations would be.  Some were optimistic and others weren’t, I still didn’t know what to think… except SOLAR HOT WATERS are a great idea!  Please click on the tank above and have a look!

...and some not at all...
…and some not at all…

Well, SOMETHING will come out of it, just has to.  The new date for transparency was to fall on the 15th of April we were told.  Speeches abounded there at the fair, all the boss’es were there – showing us smiley teeth and saying things like “zero carbon by 2030,” a safe bet since those of us who read will be approaching our nineties and they’ll be drawing deeply from their pensions.

This just in: the organization we belong to, ARESEP, has just told MINAE that they (we) will not accept the permit that’s been proposed; that they must make concessions.   So we can forget April 15 and any transparency forthcoming.  There’s a saying for people who block the view, “La Carne de Burro no es Transparente.” (Buro Meat is not Transparent)…pass it on…

Andre: the star of the family
Andre: the star of the family

So please think about Solar Hot Water systems; especially good ones like ours that will work without direct sunlight and lower your electric bill enough that when the time comes… TA DA!!!!  You’ll need fewer Solar Panels whenever you can buy with confidence.

“Paul, Just a quick note to say thanks for a great job. Your technicians are top drawer and your expertise was indispensable. My electricity has dropped from over 100,000 colones to 27,000 colones a month. The quality of manufacturing of the equipment was state of the art.  We’ve had some pretty dreary weather over the last few weeks with fog, clouds and rain and I’m glad to say we have not gone without hot water. Thanks again for your help. Joe,”  Sent from my iPad

2015-03-04 11.57.14
Tio Ricardo hanging with the faries

Meanwhile our Mom & Pop crew had fun and found the best salesmen we’ve ever had in Tio Ricardo, one of our installers and part of the family.

We had fun!  Daughter Andre  was on at least two TV stations and Mamita is proud…

Andre tellin' it like it is
Andre tellin’ it like it is

Just remember, Solar Works.  Our industry will be here for our great great grandchildren…. who will grow up thinking that oil  is just a handy and inexpensive lubricant.  …and the idea of having wars over oil will seem absurd to them.

More news as it transpires….


It’s Not Just Silly Anymore

Fifty years from now these will be known as the dawn of the Solar age, and they’ll likely still be working. People will collect them like old Fords. Don’t let Bureaucrats ruin it for us.

This is going nowhere.  The solar industry has been waiting for new regulations for grid tied systems since before the pilot program ended.  Now – three weeks after the closure of this pilot program – ARESEP has burdened our Solar community with such an unfair tariff that only large commercial companies can benefit by it.  From no regulation we’ve gone to unacceptable regulation.

Put simply, ARESEP, who regulates all power companies, wants to charge by the kWh what someone produces with his solar system.  This means they’ll charge you for your savings on electric consumption; about 25% of what you’d have paid if you just bought it straight from the power company!  Such a deal! 

If they’d put a reasonable tariff, say only against the cost of power generation and distribution, I mean, it’s us investing our money and making the power that the various companies can use, I’d think that would be fair, don’t you?

That is, as of last Thursday, 26 of March, ARESEP approved this regulation and in the coming week, will submit it to La Gaceta.  After that, there are 3 days in which people can, and Should, ask the regulator to reconsider this way of charging for Solar generation.

It is my understanding that this tariff will be  27 Colones for every kWh used, no matter if the panels produced it; or if it comes from a power company like ICE.  In other words, they’re charging us for the loss of income THEY have; because we decided to produce our own electricity using solar panels.  Yes, and protecting an old, dirty and inefficient system, sad in a way…  did sail makers act this way when steam ships came into use?  Probably…

Or to make it Chrystal clear; they add up all costs of production by the Power Companies for a Year, then Divide that number by the amount of electricity they sell in the same period.  If their own inefficiency is too high (….duhh..) it will be compensated by solar producers like us.  Read that again…

Another way of seeing it is if you spend money on high tech lights for your house, run the pool pump fewer hours and put in a gas stove, Power Companies won’t charge you for your savings.  However, if you put up Solar Panels, they want a big chunk of the money you save.   It’s a stacked deck.  

 If ARESEP ties a tariff to the operational costs of the power companies, they won’t be following their own mandate, which is to develop a real cost of operation.

Knowing the cost of production is important, to know the demand of the country, but they can’t charge the solar industry for that, hell, we’re their friends!  

In fact, this tariff will only complicate an already smooth working industry by measuring the production by a meter accessible to the electric company, not yet invented, at the source, instead of a  simple-already-working monitoring system, they’ll make it impossible to implement… which makes me wonder if they even want solar energy in Costa Rica.

 This is not the proper function of government agencies…. to throw nets in the river of commerce by its own people and for their own good.  This tariff will waste time and resources of the very people who provide the service, i.e., Solar Companies, banks and installers; trying to make Solar Energy affordable for the average home owner.  

In the end, a high tariff will kill the Goose-Who-Laid-the-Golden Egg; and along with it, a chance for clean, affordable electricity… at least for homeowners.  What a shame.  

What can I do?  This Monday there will be Public Hearings at 5:00 p.m. in 9 locations in Costa Rica.    Find one close to you and SPEAK if you don’t agree.  Follow Purasol on Facebook too, for latest updates.

Oh, if you speakie de Spanish, go here… 




Paul’s Blog:


The Silly Season


In Moto GP there was a time they called the “silly season,” when the moto press speculated on which highly skilled rider would ride a particular brand of motorcycle in Moto Gran Prix following season.


Rumors would fly, tongue’s would wag and pit guru’s would drop  hints.  In the end, it was only possible to know who-rides-what when they put their wheels to the line for the first race of the season.

….and so it appears to be with different stories about what’s going to happen with solar in  Costa Rica…  I don’t claim to know them all, some are definitely true, the pilot program is ended from what I hear now, it is not likely to be extended.  I have faith in market economics and think it will be sorted out so that we may continue.  After all, the president of Costa Rica want’s Solar for his country.   There are millions of dollars and enormous pressure from the industry to continue.


20140702_131726 (Medium)

 Another plan put forward is a device attached to your breaker panel or somewhere before it gets to your breaker panel, so they can measure how much you are actually producing…. and tax/charge you for it.  A number of $.05 a watt was mentioned.  It’s not my place here to judge as good or bad, these possibilities, just to point them out.


We rather like the original plan of counting excess kWh produced and saving them for the customer during the winter months when production is lower.


 Speaking of winter and summer months; imagine how natural it is to be making our best Electricity in the summer months… just when the rivers are down and hydro-electric is off line?   Continue using oil to make electricity?  Now that’s silly…


 Meanwhile it’s important to know that people who installed their systems under the pilot program will be “grandfathered in” for the next 15 years so that even though the rates will rise like death and taxes, the relative cost of electricity of what you buy and what you sell will remain the same.  One more thing, we’re being told to keep taking orders, so this is us telling you to make them before it dries up again.




Paul’s Blog:



Solar Power

Our first system

Our Photo Stock

Solar power.  We had to have it.  So we bought some panels and put them up.  We made a massive frame out of tubular steel.  When we were done you could have parked a truck on it.  

So this is our first system;  I made a point of not washing them or doing anything but some light trimming to keep the shade off most of them.  

I’m getting ahead of myself;  first thing we did was go to ICE and ask what permits we needed.

 “Nada,” they said.  Gaby didn’t believe them so they called San Jose and got it from the horses mouth, so to speak.  

“Nada,” came the reply from San Jose.  So we installed the system.  That’s when we learned our digital meter wouldn’t run backwards. Thus began our education in how to apply for a new two way meter.  It took us a long time but now we know how to do it; you might say we fell on a grenade for you.  What are you waiting for?

Just a note to Nay-Sayers:    Before the installation, our bill averaged 85,000 Colones a month.  Now?  This month’s bill is 23,000 Colones.  That’s with just 10 each, 240 watt panels.  How long are you going to wait?  How much will you loose by waiting?   If the price of panels went down dramatically, (they won’t), could you ever catch up to what you lose now by not investing?  Give us a call.



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